The Helpers Farm is the sustainability plan for the Children's Helpers Foundation (CHF).  By establishing an income stream to pay school fees for the impoverished children that they support, they can decrease their reliance on outside donors.

In Ghana, it is common for school age kids to be on the streets working, selling items either because they are orphaned or their families are poor.  Often times families cannot afford the school fees, uniforms or books and as a result many children do not attend school.

The Helpers Farm was created to generate funds to help provide education for over 115 children annually and a safe place to sleep, nourishing food and transportation to and from school for 25 orphans at The Shaisiri Home orphanage.

The Helpers Farm Timeline:

2011 - A two acre pilot farm launched through local support.

2013 - LGL board members visited Ghana and verified the legitimacy of the Helpers Farm, then began farm fundraising.

2014 - LGL received a $10K Grant from Abacus Wealth Partners to expand the Helpers

Farm to ten acres.

2015 - The expansion was completed.

2016 - A portion of farm proceeds began supporting the kids.

2017 - LGL raised $3K of the $20K necessary to expand to twenty acres.

2018 - LGL’s goal is to raise the remaining $17K needed for the twenty acre expansion.

Who Benefits?

  • At ten acres, 48% of farm proceeds go to support the Shaisiri Orphanage Home kids, covering one third of their total operating costs.
  • Local women produce vendors who used to walk for more than a day one way to get their products are able to earn more money to support their families.
  • Helpers Farm is a supplier to the country’s School Feeding Program and is provided to local school children during their school day.
  • The need for farm labor produces eight local jobs.

Donate Today

Please help support our efforts to expand the farm. Our 2019 goal is to raise $17,000 to fund the expansion from 10 acres to 20 acres so The Helpers Farm can become the sole financial provider in 2019/20 and beyond.