Our Goal

In 2019 our goal is to fund the expansion of our organic farm by 10 acres, which will ultimately generate enough profit to reliably sustain the operating costs of the orphanage and the annual school fees for over 100 children.

The Helpers Farm currently employs four farm hands, one supervisor and one manager.  Current farming operations are generating $23,000 of proceeds annually from the sale of cabbage, green peppers, carrots, okra, tomatoes and cauliflower.  All produce is GMO free and organically grown.

The Helpers Farm has a strong and knowledgeable management team and is proving to be a viable sustainability option.  Our projections show, within two years of expanding the farm, the Children Helpers Foundation and Shashiri Orphanage will be supported in full by the farm profits.

A $17,000 investment will generate $50,000 available to fund the 85% of 2018/2019 education and orphanage expenses (projected at $59k).  In the year after the expansion, the farm will generate 100% of the profits to sustain the Helpers Farm operations, Shaisiri Home and Children Helpers Foundation’s education support.

Who Benefits?

  • At ten acres, 48% of farm proceeds go to support the Shaisiri Orphanage Home kids, covering one third of their total operating costs.
  • Local women produce vendors who used to walk for more than a day one way to get their products are able to earn more money to support their families.
  • The Helpers Farm is a supplier to the country’s School Feeding Program and is provided to local school children during their school day.
  • The need for more farm labor produces eight local jobs.

Donate Today

Please help support our efforts to expand the farm. Our 2019 goal is to raise $17,000 to fund the expansion from 10 acres to 20 acres so The Helpers Farm can become the sole financial provider in 2019/20 and beyond.